Why wireline tractor?

Qinterra Technologies has since 1999 tractored more than 8 252 908 m. The Qinterra Technologies in-house developed tractor – PowerTrac® Advance™ – is powered via a mono-conductor wireline cable and is compatible with a wide range of third party tools, making it flexible and fit for numerous types of operations. The PowerTrac® Advance™ comes in several sizes with varying pull force, to suit client’s needs and requests for conveyance in common sized well bores.

In 2009 Qinterra Technologies introduced the PowerTrac® Advance™ 434 open hole tractor – a tractor that is able to operate in open hole wells and large diameter completions. It also has the capability to reverse in case the cable is key-seated. In 2010 Qinterra Technologies also introduced logging while tractoring, a ground-breaking new technology which makes it possible to log in real time, while the tractor is operating, all on mono-conductor wireline.

Although the wireline tractor was originally developed for offshore operations, tractors have now been successfully deployed in unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, such as shale gas and oil sands. The PowerTrac® Advance™ wireline tractor has been utilised for years in wells of steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) fields, both during drilling- and the production phase.