Horizontal wells

Horizontal and highly deviated wells are drilled to target specific pay zones in the oil and gas reservoirs. They may increase the recovery percentage from onshore and offshore fields. The ability to drill such wells provides cost effective means for extracting resources from reservoirs, that may not otherwise have been economically viable.

Due to the increase in highly deviated and horizontal wells, there is a need for intervention technologies that allow for down-hole operations in such wells.

Qinterra Technologies’ response has been to develop a wireline tractor that can push well intervention equipment several kilometres along highly deviated and horizontal well sections. Qinterra Technologies started operating tractors back in 1996, culminating in the launch of the PowerTrac® Advance™ in 2003.

Today, the PowerTrac® Advance™ has an outstanding performance record. It has made a significant contribution to the reduction of operational cost, compared to the use of alternative intervention methods. By using wireline tractors we eliminate the need for more heavily equipped and costly well interventions. It saves the operator both time and money, while reducing the risk of damage and pollution.

In addition, to equipment conveyance, we continue to develop tractor technology. We are expanding our range of services, including scale milling, brushing, honing and tools for removal of debris in the wellbore. Other services, such as gas-lift valve replacement and shifting of sliding sleeves in horizontal well sections, are possible using the PowerTrac® Stroker.