Wireline tractor tools

Qinterra Technologies has been running a continuous development programme for tractors and tractor applications since 1998. In 1999, AC tractors were abandoned with the introduction of PowerTrac® DC tractor technology, which was superseded by PowerTrac® Advance™ tractors in January 2003. The PowerTrac® Advance™ release was a major milestone in our wireline tractor history, introducing a tractor which has the best performance combination in the industry.

Service offered

  • Production logging
  • Milling and scale removal/debris collecting
  • Perforating and plug setting
  • Sliding sleeve and valve manipulation
  • Logging while tractoring

Quick view

  • 1999 – 2014 tool performance
  • 5 639 tractor jobs
  • 10 189 runs
  • 8 252 908 m
  • >98% operating efficiency


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